While many companies have a VISION and MISSION statement with core values in their employee handbook, not often it includes a COMPANY PURPOSE. Here is the difference between both. Traditional VISION and MISSION statements often only answer the question “WHAT do we want to achieve as a company?”, while a company purpose gives an answer to this question: WHY is our company important for our customers?” Especially younger generations expect a credible answer to the WHY, to see, if this is consistent with their values and what they can contribute.
Let’s imagine, a company struggles with long hiring processes, low conversion rates and high people turnover within first year of employment. People practices seem main scope for this project. We would, as part of this project, revisit the company purpose, how people live it and investigate, what kind of talent is required.

In case you worry, ” …this means, boiling the ocean”.  It’s not, applying our lean approaches and the outcomes are powerful.



Whole Brain Team Solutions /TeamBooster

Taking on a new team or a project group as a leader is always a fragile situation. There is a need to get to know each other, to build trust and learn to collaborate.  At the same time, the team is expected to deliver on common goals right from the beginning. While engagement tends to be high at first, the atmosphere can chill quickly while team members move through the team development process and maybe never reach the high performance stage.

As a leader, you can make a huge difference in the early phase of your team’s formation with support from us in a highly impactful team intervention which increases effective teamwork and the likelihood of success. Our team workshop uses the Whole Brain Thinking methodology (HBDI®) which raises awareness and appreciation of different thinking preferences, leading to better communication, collaboration and teamwork. . To receive an overview of our workshops, please visit our TeamBooster site



People practices support the employee life-cycle in an organization. You like to create a NEW WORK recruitment process or a feedback system for agile teams? We provide deep expertise in HR-practices combined with insights, how to automate them.


  • Design of competence models for recruiting and personnel development
  • Agile job evaluation and career models in cooperation with GRADAR
  • Design of structured selection processes and potential analyses

You feel, your organization will need a larger transformation? Many companies are moving towards more agile or self-managed organisational setups (e.g. TEAL, Agile watch video for more information). But and how to get started?  Transitioning a grown organization with classic management principles is a lot more challenging, than during start-up phase. As the leader in charge you might want an unbiased partner from outside, to help you to establish new principles, practices and re-enforce them. We are engaged with Agile and TEAL communities on a regular basis, to learn from their experiences and we act as coach for CEO’s, embarking on this journey.