What makes teams great?

In a recent study* 90% of employees say that they spend 1/3 to 1/2 of the day in teams. However, 86% of employees and managers complain about a lack of effective teamwork and see it as the main cause of mistakes and poor work results. Recent discoveries in the neurosciences confirm these findings.

Other studies show that psychological safety is the main criterion for successful teams.

Harvard Professor Amy Edmundson describes [this] as a “team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people feel comfortable”.

Building trust for each other requires attention and time, which is often lacking in everyday life.

Heidi Ahrens and Julia Kunz have developed the TeamBooster using the Whole Brain Method (HBDI®) **and the latest neuroscientific findings.

The concept combines brain-friendly team development and executive coaching in a compact blended learning format.

* cf. study by Ken Blanchard Companies

** Whole Brain® Thinking allows you to harness your teams’ thinking diversity for better results. It is the foundation for the highly validated Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), which measures thinking preferences of individuals, teams, and organisations.

HBDI Zerifiziert


½ day workshop with HBDI® profile reports
4 weeks BlendedLearning

Focus: Ideal after a new manager has joined the team to promote getting to know each other, build trust quickly and reflect on personal thinking preferences.


1 day workshop

in addition to Intro:
HBDI® Teamprofil
Team Survey
Follow-up Consulting
8 weeks blended learning in total

Focus: More intensive than the modul Intro, well suited for uncovering blind spots in a team, use of HBDI® for problem-solving and communication in the team as well as working on evolving dysfunctions.


1 day workshop
In addition to Premium:
3 x coaching appointments
½ day team retrospective
24 weeks blended learning in total

Focus: Ideal for aligning a management team after new executive coming in, e.g. when change of mindset and change of collaboration are key requirements.

The Trainer


Julia Kunz

Cultural business graduate

Master of cognitive neuroscience (aon)

Heidi Ahrens

Agile HR-Consultant & Legal Attorney

  • HBDI® – and NLP-Practitioner
  • SHRM-SCP and Process Manager BPM (TÜV)
  • 15 years in Human Resources Management
  • Health Care and Consumer Industry experience
  • Leadership experience


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